We only have the best A Grade Fancy Goldfish in Sydney, Australia. Also always trying to create new colour into different breeds of fancy goldfish and improving the features in the different breeds.

We are only new and only been breeding fancy goldfish a few years now.With great success so far with being able to breed many good quality fancy goldfish.Therefore we try to improve each type of goldfish we have. 

We try to assist or answer any questions other hobbyist many have in keeping fancy goldfish.

Some Great Pictures of our own stock :

Showcase Adult Sakura Short Tail Ryukins


Showcase Japanese Long Tail Ryukin

A Showcase Short Tail Ryukin at 7months old


 A Grade Red & White Thai Orandas

A Grade Chinese Orange Orandas

A Grade Red & White Ranchu

A Grade 100% Black Butterflies

A Grade Red Cap Oranda



A Grade 100% Black Ranchus


Top View of A Grade Black Butterflies